In this project I have made pictures from woman in the theme of sexual evolution. I have tried to combine ages and culture to see if the women are being liberated in the will or thoughts. The question is more if we have passed the sexual revolution from the sixties or did we stand still. As a viewer I looked as a man trying to understand women. Hereunder a short explanation:

Phase 1: Every girl starts with dreams who she wants to be or become. During this proces her body will transform and slowly the girl is becoming a woman.
Phase 2: After this she wants to get romantic and is starts for the search.
Phase 3: When a woman is falling into love she wants to be loyal and thoughts are arising to get married.
Phase 4: When there is strength the woman will create her own girlpower.
Phase 5: After girlpower the woman will be confident about her own sexuality and about herself.
Phase 6: When there is confident the woman will be tempting.
Phase 7: The next level is that a woman can be very seductive.
Phase 8: After this level she bring up her fantasies in Voyeurism and exhibitionism; she will become secretive.
Phase 9: If she has enough power she gets into domination towards the other and I call this phase provocation.
Phase 10: Next to this phase there is the domination about a woman.
Phase 11: When a woman will get into the domination she wants to control. The man is fighting back and tries to understand of what has happened. At this stage she can be broken into pieces.

I would like to thank everybody who supported me in this project. Special thanks will go the Location of the Stadskantine where the exhibition will be later this year. I would like to thank Jorrit Ruijs for assisting with the picture dreams. And I would like to thank Rowena Timmermans for assisting during the picture provocation.